September 29, 2008

Can Increased Sexual Frequency Boost Prostate Health?

Can Increased Sexual Frequency Boost Prostate Health?

The prostate is a tiny, walnut-shaped gland that is present only in men. Prostate is a very important part of the male anatomy and often beyond the age of fifty gets enlarged and may be the site of cancer in men. Improving prostate health can be a means of avoiding prostate enlargement and cancer. Can more sex lead to better prostate health? Find out for yourself.

The act of performing a sexual act has both physical and psychological aspects blended into it. To get the best out of sex not only does one have to be physically fit but also be in a calm and relaxed state of mind both during the act and after. Men above the age of fifty experience both physical and psychological problems and this is compounded if they have a prostate problem.

Is there a connection between prostate health and sexual acts? Logic proves that the answer is a definite yes.

1. The prostate produces a fluid which forms a major volume of the semen.
2. To make seminal fluid, the gland takes up citric acid, potassium and zinc from the blood and concentrates them to over 600 times.
3. Alongwith these ingredients, carcinogenic substances from the blood are also taken up and concentrated tremendously in the prostate.
4. Any such carcinogen is a potential threat for the development of cancer in the prostate.

So what's the benefit of frequent sex or ejaculation? Instead of accumulating cancer forming substances within the prostate, it is much better to ejaculate them frequently and avoid the risk of prostate cancer. Some studies have revealed that ejaculation of more than five times a week during your 20s, by any means - regular sex or masturbation, reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer during middle age. This theory might be contested by some but the logic proves otherwise.

Men after the age of fifty are prone to develop benign enlargement of the prostate. This is a condition where the prostate gland simply enlarges and causes symptoms by putting pressure on the urinary tract. Medications, surgery or herbs are available to correct this problem. Men with enlarged prostate also develop erectile dysfunction either due to the disease per se or due to the side effects of the prescription medications.

In spite of a vast majority of men being afflicted by benign enlargement or cancer, prostate enlargement still remains a much less talked about condition. Young men need to be impressed upon about the benefits that they can derive in their middle age by keeping their prostate in a healthy condition by way of increasing their ejaculations either by means of sexual intercourse or masturbation. In addition they can combat prostate enlargement better if they adopt a better lifestyle, maintain a healthy diet and keep fit with exercise.

By Rajgopal Iyer

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Anonymous said...

Erectile dysfunction (ED) has become of the most common sexual problems and it affects more than 50% of all men over the age of 40 at some stage. And the older you get the more common it becomes. There are tons of causes of ED and it is approximated that 70% of Ed cases have physical roots, and 30% psychological causes, although often both physical and psychological reasons combine for the condition.