July 11, 2008

Why You Should Worry About Prostate Problems

There are plenty of things to worry about in the world today but of all the things to worry about the most important is your health and your prostate gland is something to be aware of and the more you understand about it the better placed you are to avoid potentially life threatening problems with it.

It never ceases to surprise me that so few male collegues know anything about their prostate. Some would say that the prostate and prostate cancer are the male equivelent of breast cancer for women and women are generally very aware about that. Yet, for some reason men seem blissfully unaware of proste cancer and other prostate problems.

Why men choose to ignore this subject I do not know but it would be better if they did. Discussion of potential problems would encourage more men to get checks and would no doubt save many lives that might otherwise be lost.

They say that ignorance is no defence and that certainly applies to prostate health problems. Ignoring it will not make it all go away and being ignorant of possible symptoms leaves you open to the chances of far greater health problems later. Learning about your prostate and possible symptoms of prostate related health issues can help you together with your doctor in overcoming those difficulties.

The prosate is not normally a problem for men until they reach middle age. Typically problems are most likely to appear once a man gets over fifty. The most common problem is that the prostate grows in size over time and this can lead to pressure on the parts of the body that are located next to it.

There is a one in six chance of a man developing prostate cancer in his lifetime in the US. Treatment is usually effective and the success rate following early diagnosis is very high. This clearly shows that early diagnosis is very important and men should be aware of the risks.

Since early diagnosis can make such an important difference to the effectiveness of treatment you should consult with your doctor and ask about regular examinations and checks. Early treatment is said to be around 99% effective so it is clear that regular checkups can make an important difference.

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