November 16, 2007

Explore Your Treatment Options For Prostate Cancer

The greatest fear facing today's man is out of prostate cancer. Often equated with a near certain death sentence hearing the news that a man has prostate cancer will put a dark cloud over his future.

Like menopause in women, prostate cancer is something that men dread. It is often seen as being an inevitable part of aging. Of course, some men are more susceptible to prostate cancer than others, and even if a man has prostate cancer there are prostate cancer treatment options available that will significantly improve the quality of their life, if not completely eradicate the prostate cancer.

These are some of the more widely known prostate cancer treatment options.

Androgen Deprivation Therapy

Traditionally this operation therapy has been used as a prostate cancer treatment option through the use a surgical procedure known as soon orchidectomy. This surgical procedure is wildly unpopular in men, however has now been replaced by a hormone drug treatment.

This drug controls the production and release of testosterone or prevents testosterone from being made into the metabolite dihydrotestosterone. These are cancer or stimulating hormones, as such it is important to tightly control their production. Because it is a minimally invasive treatment, it is one of the more popular prostate cancer treatment options.


Originally cryotherapy was not very popular among the possible prostate cancer treatment options. However nowadays it is seeing a comeback in popularity due to it being viewed as an efficient way to treat prostate cancer. When using cryotherapy liquid argon is administered to the affected areas. This extremely cool liquid destroys the cancer cells without damaging surrounding tissues.

Cryotherapy is very a minimally invasive compared to other prostate cancer treatment options, and thus has relatively few side effects. Unfortunately the possible side effects include prostate health problems, and sexual dysfunction.

Radical Prostatectomy

Radical prostatectomy’s have the highest success rate among all prostate cancer treatment options, due to the fact that it calls for the complete removal of the prostate. This is a very direct approach, however the side effects are more than slightly severe. Impotence is nearly guaranteed, and incontinence is also a very realistic outcome. Because of this radical prostatectomy's are not popular among possible prostate cancer treatment options, and usually only seen as a last resort.

Radiation Treatment

Traditionally radiation therapy or who was one of the most popular prostate cancer treatment options available. However nowadays with the advent of the newer more advanced prostate cancer treatment options radiation treatment has fallen out of popularity. Radiation treatments fall from fame is due to its high rate of side effects, and low rate of success. An unfortunate caveat with radiation treatment, is that if it is not effective the first go around the patient is not able to go through another round of radiation treatment due to the side effects associated with high radiation dosage levels. This leaves the patient having to use another prostate cancer treatment option.

Choosing the best course of action amongst all the different prostate cancer treatment options can be difficult, and should definitely be done with the help of a physician. In fact it is advisable to get a second opinion just to get as many different references as possible. The most important thing to remember however is that prostate cancer is no longer a death sentence, but rather something that can be managed and treated with a plethora of different prostate cancer treatment options.
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