March 8, 2008

What are the Prostate Treatments Available?

The cancer of prostate is about the size of a small walnut shape in men producing a seminal fluid, this fluid carry on nutrients and transport the sperm. Many prostate cancer sufferers is traumatic for every man who have this disease, this is not only the threat to your life but also to his sexual lifestyle.

The consequences involve for those men who have prostate cancers are bladder control problems, erectile dysfunction or impotence is a great matter for every man.


There is more treatment options involved for treating prostate cancer. Some of the individuals who have this disease choose a combination of treatments. This is like having combination of radiation paired with hormonal therapy; this seems the best possibility treatment offered.

The treatments is including factors such as how fast the progress in cancer, how much it has spread, the age span, life expectancy and the benefits, as well the side effects in treatment.

The most common treatments for prostate cancer include:


You will be receiving a radiation therapy by the methods of external beams or radioactive implants:
External-beam radiation therapy (EBRT). In external beam radiation therapy treatment they use a high-powered X-rays in killing the cancer cells, a machine will be used to deliver the beam rays. The type of radiation is very effective and efficient in destroying the cancerous cell; they might be scarring the adjacent healthy tissues in the body.
Radioactive seed implants. The radioactive seed is implanted in the prostate gland having gained the popularity at recent years as treatment in the cancer of the prostate. These implants are also known as brachytherapy, they are delivering high doses of radiation than with the external beams, and all over this is a substantially longer moment of time.
Hormone therapy

The prostate cancer affects male sex hormones or androgens, thus stimulating the progress or spread, growth of cancer cells. This main type of androgen hormones are testosterone. The hormonal therapy is using drugs in trying to stop your body from building the male sexual hormones, thus involving surgery to remove testicles that produce the most number of your testosterone. These types of hormonal therapy controlling hormones in getting to the cancer cells. Sometimes doctors also use the combination drugs in order to achieve both.

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